English School phys ed instructor Suspended

By Josh Resnek

An Everett teacher arrested for a domestic abuse incident that involved his wife has been suspended from his job at the English Elementary School after some backtracking at the School Department, according to officials who wished to remain unnamed.

Jason Abruzzese, a physical education teacher at the English School, spent the night in an Everett Police Department jail cell following his arrest.

After his arraignment in Malden District Court and following his release from custody the next day, he returned to his job at the English School.

Abruzzese is the son of School Committee Chair Attorney Thomas Abruzzese.

Jason Abruzzese was apparently transferred to the Parlin School by Acting Superintendent Janice Gauthier as a result of his arrest.

The Leader Herald revealed the incident in last week’s Eye column, indicating that Abruzzese should be suspended following an arrest for domestic abuse as a matter of maintaining public safety in the schools.

In the following days, Abruzzese’s transfer was cancelled following an outcry from parents of Everett school children protesting the move.

Several days later, Gauthier suspended Abruzzese from his job with pay pending the outcome of his court proceedings.


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