Angelo Colarusso

According to his family, Angelo Colarusso, who lived in this city all his life on Wolcott Street, was a quiet, honest, humble, loyal man to his family, to his friends, to his relatives and to the St. Anthony’s Church, which he honored during a long life of service to it.

Mr. Colarusso, who was born in Dentecane, Avillino Campania, Italy in 1940, died Saturday at his home after being cared for for a decade by his son Sandro, his daughter Josephine and his loving wife Ersilia, whom he shared 50 years of marriage with.

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Looking at Politics

One Week to Go

By Josh Resnek

With just a week to go before Everett goes to the polls for this year’s municipal election, nearly everyone running is into their bit of hustle and bustle as Election Day looms on the horizon.

The key race in the city this time around is the Mike McLaughlin-Al Lattanzi contest for Ward 6 supremacy.

McLaughlin, the incumbent, has taken the high road by his own admission.

There hasn’t been an ounce of negativity out of him for his opponent.

McLaughlin has gone door to door throughout the city several times trying to advance his message of independence from the mayor and his basic honesty as a human being not trying to get rich off the backs of taxpayers.

Many of us believed he should have been attacking Lattanzi for getting rich off the city with his business and his relations who have significant city jobs.

His wife works for the mayor. His son the lawyer works for the city and may become the mayor’s chief of staff and Lattanzi himself will be working for the city if he is elected. His hard ware business takes in large sums of money from city business.

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English School phys ed instructor Suspended

By Josh Resnek

An Everett teacher arrested for a domestic abuse incident that involved his wife has been suspended from his job at the English Elementary School after some backtracking at the School Department, according to officials who wished to remain unnamed.

Jason Abruzzese, a physical education teacher at the English School, spent the night in an Everett Police Department jail cell following his arrest.

After his arraignment in Malden District Court and following his release from custody the next day, he returned to his job at the English School.

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City reports $6 million Encore payment Paid

By Josh Resnek

The city’s first host agreement installment from the casino of $6.8 million and smaller in lieu of taxes payment have been paid in full about 30 days late.

The payments were due and payable September 30.

City officials told the Leader Herald Encore issued the payment last week.

It was apparently deposited and into the city’s treasury.

With that deposit, the city is sitting with about $16 million in cash at the present moment.

However, the bulk of the cash is committed to ongoing projects and payments that must be made to reduce a variety of financial responsibilities.

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Adrien councilor at large campaign peaking at just the right Time

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 7.03.34 PM.png
Council candidate Adrien Gerly (Left) in Everett Sunday shown with Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley.

By Josh Resnek

Gerly Adrien’s councilor at large campaign received a major boost Sunday afternoon when Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley came to Everett and endorsed her.

Pressley represents Everett.

Adrien packed the Kryol Restaurant on one of the worst days of the year.

With heavy rain and high winds whipping up a nasty storm outside, Adrien threw a campaign party attended by about 120 people undaunted by the weather, nearly all of them from Everett.

Pressley, 45, one of the most outspoken liberal members of Congress, arrived at the restaurant with a congressional aid about 3 p.m.

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