Down, But Not Out

By Lorenzo Recupero

Earlier this month Everett’s golden boy, Ryan Pietrantonio, vying for a spot in USA Olympic trials, stepped back Into the ring representing New England in the USA Boxing National Tournament, but things did not finish how he expected.

After taking down his first opponent in the opening round, Pietrantonio was up against the tourneys number 1 seed, Lavars Carter of Ohio. Carter dropped Pietrantonio in the first round after connecting on what looked like an illegal shot to the back of the head, which lead to the refs stoppage of the fight, all but clipping Pietrantonio’s chances of winning the single-elimination tournament.

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Looking at Politics

Coming Down to the Wire

By Josh Resnek

Two weeks to go before the big finale – Election Day.

The political hustle intensifies, like a pot boiling with water all the political energy is now turning to steam as last ditch efforts come to the fore.

In the most highly contested election bid by first timer businessman Al Lattanzi and his friend the mayor, efforts to defeat incumbent Councilor at Large Mike McLaughlin have reached a frenzy of sorts.

Lattanzi is showing a growing sense of desperation charging McLaughlin with the destruction of his political signs last week.

The charges grew out of questionable assertions made about events that happened last July that were reported by another publication last week.

For his part, McLaughlin hasn’t so much as said a negative word about his opponent and has taken the high road during the campaign from its start.

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Everett Man Charged in Hit and Run Death

By Josh Resnek

Everett resident Wilbert Charles, 34, was charged with hit and run motor vehicle homicide in the death of a motorcyclist on the 600 block of Broadway two weeks ago.

He was arraigned in Malden District Court and released on his own recognizance following the hearing.

He is due back in court in December.

Great detective work by Everett police led to the arrest of Charles, who allegedly hit 59 year old Brian Delp from behind as he waited at a red light on Broadway early on the afternoon of October 2 at 5:50 p.m.

Delp was thrown from his motorcycle and died instantly.

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City Hall, are you There?

By Lorenzo Recupero

As an Everett resident, trying to get information from Everett City Hall is like throwing a penny in a wishing well and expecting your wish to come true – ESPECIALLY if you’re editor of the Leader Herald apparently.

At Everett City Hall, all public information is held private, safeguarded by this wordless code to not provide residents with timely info on the goings on within the city.

It’s as if no Everett employee is authorized to offer any information to anyone that’s inquiring, unless the city’s Communications Director, Tom Philbin, is the one providing it. And there’s no way of getting a hold of Tom without going through the mayor’s office, and no one is ever there. And no one ever returns your call.

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Gambling Revenues Slump; Encore Execs not Worried

By Josh Resnek

Gambling revenues at Encore Boston Harbor last month were off by more than $3 million from August, according to figures released by the Gaming Commission last week.

August revenues had risen to more than $52.5 million but dropped to $49 million for September.

Casino analysts all agreed, Encore has plenty of time to perfect its gaming operation and to grow it, although there was the fear that a soft September would be followed by a softer October and an even softer holiday period in November and December.

The holiday period is traditionally the weakest part of the year for gaming revenues.

Gaming revenues at all the states casinos and slot parlors were off just a bit although slots were slightly higher at Encore rising to $21.9 million.

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