Adrien tops at-large, McLaughlin hammers Lattanzi, Martins beats Marcus, Tri Le buries mayor’s write-in, Capone scores biggest vote Unopposed

(Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Del Isola dumped from at-large, Murray defeats Ela for School Committee, Cardello tops school committee at-large, Sarnie and Lambert win at-large school Seats

By Josh Resnek

Gerly Adrien scored a stunning victory, topping the ticket in the at-large race becoming the first woman of color and ethnicity to serve on the city council.

Adrien, who is Haitian, ran a highly organized disciplined campaign and was aided by professional organizers and a cabal of Everett supporters.

Her election and topping of the ticket is an eye-raiser for the mayor.

Another eye raiser – a certain sign of a changing political landscape – is the drubbing Councilor Mike McLaughlin gave to the mayor’s friend and closest supporter, businessman Al Lattanzi.

The mayor invested heavy political capital in Lattanzi’s race, which seemed headed for a victory except for McLaughlin’s dogged grass roots campaigning from door to door.

The mayor’s help in this instance was thoroughly rejected by voters with Lattanzi’s drubbing.

He was further repudiated by Councilor Fred Capone scoring the biggest vote in the city running unopposed.


This is almost unheard of and represents a swing of sorts by voters towards Capone who apparently has mayoral aspirations.

Stephanie Martins, a Brazilian with a wide following, beat former councilor Jason Marcus who was attempting a comeback after being out of office for five years.

He was unable to overcome Martins organization and campaign strategy. She won by more than 500 votes.

Jimmy Tri Le, a Vietnamese real estate broker and kindergarten Phys. Ed. teacher, faced a write in challenge that never materialized which is another loss for the mayor.

Le’s opponent is one of the mayor’s tenants.

The ascension of Adrien dumped at-large councilor Richard Del Isola.

The finish for at-large candidates went this way: Adrien, Councilor Wayne Matewsky only two votes away from her, Councilor Mike Marchese, Councilor John Hanlon and Councilor Peter Napolitano.

Dana Murray defeated longtime school committeeman David Ela, Jr.

Millie Cardello proved her growing popularity with a top the ticket performance.

Cynthia Sarnie came in second very close behind and Samantha Lambert captured a seat.

Allen Panarese beat Edgar Ruiz by 800 votes.

Joe Lamonica beat Thomas Messina, Jr. by 900 votes.

Frank Parker won over Robert Santacroce by 600 votes.

Marcony Almeida Barros, another official of color and ethnicity, scored more votes than any of his colleagues on the school committee running unopposed with 2,866 votes.

School Chair Thomas Abruzzese beat John Mavilio, Jr by 800 votes.

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