Council asking for executive session about alleged sign controversy an Absurdity

The city council voting to have an executive session of the Committee on Legislative Affairs as requested by Councilor Anthony DiPierro to get to the truth of a highly questionable and rather meaningless political sign incident, is an absurdity.

All of us with an ounce of common sense understand this an effort by DiPierro to ridicule and to humiliate Councilor Michael McLaughlin to satisfy DiPierro’s cousin the mayor.

DiPierro alleges McLaughlin, tore down several political signs in a fit of anger last July. The incident was apparently reported in October.

“Let’s figure it out and find out who’s telling the truth,” DiPierro told another publication.


Without video tapes, recordings, photographs, GPS reports and other such investigative aids, the council’s legislative committee will be listening to a lot of hot air and here say.

DiPierro’s urgency to get to the bottom of this alleged “controversy” or “crime,” as DiPierro would have us believe, is what the modern French philosophers have called a battle about being and nothingness.

If Councilor DiPierro wants to conduct an executive session investigation, he should politely suggest investigating himself to start with.

Now that might prove to be interesting.

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