Congrats to Mike McLaughlin

Councilor Mike McLaughlin’s re-election to a ward seat on the city council is another example of the city’s changing political landscape.

Because McLaughlin was not supported for re-election by the mayor and his cabal of city employees, cousins and paid supporters, it was taken for granted that he couldn’t win against the businessman first-timer Al Lattanzi.

Even Lattanzi had been persuaded by his best friend the mayor that he couldn’t lose.

Lattanzi campaigned hard. He spent some money. He went through all the motions and he got thoroughly beaten.

McLaughlin ran a high road campaign with no negativity.

Despite his signs being stolen – and they were not stolen by his supporters – they were stolen by those who were against him, that is, the mayor’s cabal and despite all the organs of government being aimed against him by the mayor and his cousin, he came out victorious.

McLaughlin’s victory was a victory over the mayor’s tyranny and greed.

The mayor wanted to be rid of McLaughlin because he challenges the mayor from his council seat.

If this was four years ago, McLaughlin would have been gone. Now the mayor has to begin worrying about being gone.

The McLaughlin victory indicates the mayor’s power is waning. Some people like McLaughlin, Adrien, Martins and Le are busy being born, while some peoples’ political careers like the mayor’s are busy dying.

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