The Election

The municipal election last week has come and gone but the results continue to reverberate in our city.

Never before in Everett’s modern political history have three minorities been elected to serve on the city council at the same time. The election to an at-large council position of Gerly Adrien, a young, educated, Everett woman whose ancestry is in Haiti is a huge victory by itself.

The Stephanie Martin victory in a ward seat is highlighted by her intelligence and savvy. Martins is of Brazilian heritage.

Both Adrien and Martins have pledged to be independent, indicating they will not be a rubber stamp for anyone while doing the peoples’ business.

Jimmy Tri Le, a young Vietnamese businessman with a wide following, captured a ward seat, beating rather decisively one of the mayor’s tenants who ran a retrograde write-in campaign that never got off the ground.

We congratulate these three up and coming young Everett politicians ready to chart a new road on a city council that will be a far different place when the new council convenes in January.

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