Who is the ticket topper? Gerly or Matewsky?

By Josh Resnek

The city’s Election Commission is awaiting final determinations about ten votes from the Registry of Motor Vehicles to determine who topped the ticket in the councilor at large race.

Although Councilor at Large elect Gerly Adrien topped the voting in unofficial returns released by the Election Commission on Election night – she scored two more votes than Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky – as provisional votes were approved in the aftermath, the two became locked in a top the ticket battle.

As of Wednesday morning, Adrien and Matewsky were tied at 1973 votes each, quite an unbelievable coincidence of votes for the two at- large councilors.

Election Commission Vice-Chairman Linda-Lee Angiolilo told the Leader Herald that ten votes – provisional votes – those votes made at the Registry of Motor Vehicles when Everett voters registered their automobiles there, were being determined by the RMV for certification.

Official news from the RMV was expected Wednesday.

“The provisionals cannot be found on a local list because they voted at the RMV. They are likely registered but we must await the RMV’s review and OK to determine who these last ten votes go to,” said Angiolilo.

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