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Adrien Is The One

By Josh Resnek

Who says one vote doesn’t matter?

If you think that way, then look again.

In recent balloting for the at-large seat won by Gerly Adrien, she scored one more vote than incumbent Wayne Matewsky, the perennial ticket topper.

That one vote changed the world in balloting for the at-large number one vote getter.

Adrien beat Matewsky by 1 vote!

Adrien, 1,976. Matewsky, 1,975.

This, according to the Election Commission after a close look at the vote itself and of provisional votes made outside of city hall.

Adrien was ahead by 2 votes in unofficial balloting on Election night.

When the first batch of provisional votes were added, Adrien and Matewsky were tied at 1,973 each, an incredible voting occurrence by itself.

When everything was said and done early this week, when the last remaining provisional votes were counted, Adrien had indeed beaten Matewsky by 1 vote!

“Let’s face it, they both won,” said Election Commission Vice- Chairwoman Linda- Lee Angiolillo.

Try telling that to Adrien or to Matewsky.

“Every vote counts,” said Adrien with a laugh and smile.

“One vote made all the difference in the final outcome. That reveals to all of us just how important each vote can be in an election.”

Matewsky was circumspect about coming in second.

“The Leader Herald predicted I would likely be topping the ticket,” Matewsky said in his good natured fashion.

“Does that one vote mean I didn’t top the ticket?” he asked.

“Yes it does. But it doesn’t get any closer than that,” he joked, answering his own question.

“And by the way, I congratulate Councilor Adrien on topping the ticket! It is an accomplishment,” her added.

However, the outcome might have had Adrien and Matewsky tied. What then?

“It doesn’t matter. There is no prize for first place in a five person race,” Angiolillo told the Leader Herald.

“First or second doesn’t mean anything. Winning is all that really matters,” she added.

Had the fifth finisher, in this case, incumbent Peter Napolitano, tied with the sixth finisher.

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