Everett on line for new Commuter rail Station

By Josh Resnek

The State Department of Transportation has set aside $10 million of a $18 billion transportation bill for architectural, engineering and design work for an anticipated Everett commuter rail station to be located in the area of the Batch Yard on Broadway near to the Encore Casino and Hotel, according to Transportation Department officials.

The need for a commuter rail station in this city cannot be overemphasized. Local officials are delighted Everett will finally be hooked up to Boston’s sprawling railway transportation system.

“This is great news,” said councilor at-large elect Gerly Adrien.

“Great news, indeed,” echoed Councilor at-Large Wayne Matewsky. “This is a long time coming,” he added.

The commuter rail hook up here allows for further intense residential housing development in the area, reduces to a certain extent automobile congestion and traffic, and allows local residents to move about on public transportation with freedom and timeliness.

“No more taking buses to Boston for me,” said Everett Square resident Richie Gallo.

The project, however, is in its beginning phases and will v ery likely take quite a few years to bring to start and a few more years until completion.

During that time, Everett will be linking up with Boston to provide a Bus Rapid Transit line along the length of Broadway to connect the Rutherford Avenue bus route in Charlestown with the Silver Line from Chelsea to Everett and then on to Sullivan Square.

The commuter rail station and link-up will create a new nexus for thousands of residents and visitors to the Encore Hotel and Casino as well as the Assembly Square Mall retailing, business and residential colossus.

A new railway connection here will allow for more dense residential housing construction without the need for parking space.

The city is at a crossroads where it can no longer provide parking spaces on a per unit basis for new construction except in special cases – and e3ven then – the net result is more traffic.

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