Huge day for Everett Public Schools; Big day for Senator Sal DiDomenico

By Josh Resnek

A bill signed into law by Governor Charlie Baker Tuesday afternoon will have a dramatic effect on the Everett Public School system and every financially challenged and underfunded school system in Massachusetts, according to Senator Sal DiDomenico who played a major roll in guiding this legislation and who attended the ceremony.

“This is a historic day for the residents of Everett, for the children in our public schools and for their teachers and parents and for everyone involved,” DiDomenico told the Leader Herald.

By signing the legislation, the governor is making available to underfunded school systems facing great educational challenges dramatic amounts of added funding.

The Everett Public Schools (EPS) are expected to receive as much as 24%-35% more state aid beginning with next year’s school budget.

“This legislation was my proudest vote – my greatest effort for the residents of this city. I’ve been working on this as my top priority to bring equity to our school system for many years. This brings tens of millions of dollars to our school system and for others with greater needs. What a great thing this is,” DiDomenico said.

Estimates vary, and the funding is incremental over the next seven years, that is to say, the greatest amounts of added aid will come at the end of the seven year term.

Everett could receive as much as $50 million in the seventh year, said a school department source who wished to remain unnamed.

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