Thanksgiving 2019

There are times to dream. There are times to dance. There are times to drown ourselves in sorrow and there are times to give thanks.

Thanksgiving 2019 is upon us.

Nearly all of us in one way or another will eat a hearty meal of turkey and all the fixings.

It has been another year in our lives, in this decade rapidly coming to its end, of relative plenty.

The key to the future is to keep everything going at least as it is and to improve upon it if we can.

There is no reasonable way to predict the exact outcome of the future. History can’t be predicted with any surety until it has happened.

On Thursday, however, barring an unforeseen national calamity, we sit down to the Thanksgiving Dinner with our families and with our friends at tables of plenty in a land of plenty where all of us are free to do as we please.

Thanksgiving, the act of giving thanks, of remembering how the first settlers made it through a disastrous winter at Plymouth to break bread with the local Indians who helped to show them the way to feed themselves.

The Indians got the raw end of the deal.

We took their land. We went to war with them. We brought deadly diseases from Europe which they caught and which decimated their numbers here in New England.

The earliest European settlers regarded the Indians as savages. Today we know better.

Today, we make the attempt to empower all people, to erase racism, to give opportunities across the board to people of every kind.

On this Thanksgiving, we should thank God or whomever it is we believe in, for bestowing upon us in America, a land of plenty, a land of freedom, and a place where justice always ends up ruling no matter how complicated things might become.

We wish all our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving – a Thanksgiving of plenty – dominated by great food and love, respect and thankfulness for everything we have.

We are all very lucky people.

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