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A taste of things to come at the city Council

By Josh Resnek

Councilor elect Jimmy Tri Le attended Monday’s meeting of the city council to get himself acclimated to the city government routine he will shortly be participating in from week to week.

He is a friendly man, 36, who looks much younger, who works in the real estate business locally.

When December turns to January, and the new city government is sworn in, Le will join Gerly Adrien and Stephanie Martins on a council that will be a vastly different place than it is today.

“Adrien is the most talked about politician in the city right now,” said Councilor at Large Mike Marchese. “Stephanie Martins is in the same category and so too is Councilor Mike McLaughlin,” he added.

He knows of what he speaks.

The triumvirate of Adrien, Martins, and Le is formidable by itself. But you sprinkle in McLaughlin, and Marchese and Councilor Fred Capone – well – things might come to be very different in the months to come.

Where a majority against the mayor was almost always nearly impossible for the past 11 years, it is no longer impossible when January arrives.

Also to be watched closely is Councilor Wayne Matewsky, only one vote away from topping the ticket the last time out and sharing the top vote getting spot with Adrien.

Even the popular and durable Councilor at Large John Hanlon does not do the mayor’s bidding all of the time.

Anything will be possible when January arrives.

How will the mayor react to this changing political situation?

“His attempt is to woo the new people like Le and Martins. He knows he can’t woo Adrien. She is perceived by a number of councilors as someone who is going to cause trouble on the council every week,” said a city hall source who wished to remain unknown.

Can the mayor control some of the new members or any of them? Insiders claim anything is possible as the mayor is prone to making promises to newcomers that they will get whatever they want as long as they follow his rules.

The reverse thinking is also true.

If you don’t do as the mayor wants, you will get nothing.

This is how the mayor operates. It doesn’t matter who it is.

This is his modus operandi.

Will this work with the new council convening in January?

“The mayor has awakened to a new world since the November election,” Marchese told the Leader Herald. “And he knows it.” “Nothing will ever again be as easy for him to control as it was before this last election,” he added.

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