The Patriots

The loss to Kansas City over the weekend left most of us Patriots fans way down in the dumps on a rainy Monday morning.

It isn’t just that the Patriots lost their second game in a row.

The depression is heavy because the GOAT is losing it right before our eyes.

Tom Brady’s mediocre performances in the past five games is now proving to be a dramatic indication that something is up – the coming end of his career, perhaps.

Those of us who love Brady, and who have grown used to his on the field and off the field excellence, refuse to say his end is unwinding before our eyes – but it is.

Yet the season is not over.

At 10-3, the Patriots are heading into the playoffs.

We like to think they are going to bounce back but the offense needs an injection. It can’t go in this way but it will unless something is added to the offense that allows Brady to have another solid receiver so the double teaming of Julian Edelman doesn’t stand as a play-to-play impediment to scoring touchdowns.

Brady hasn’t lost it – but he is getting close.

This leaves all of us with a terrible feeling that the end we all fear is coming faster than we believed at the beginning of the season.

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