Good News

We are pleased to report the Encore Boston Harbor reported higher earnings during the month of November than in October, which is a refreshing reversal of a trend that seemed to be heading downward.

Encore’s take for gaming tables and slots was up slightly from October.

This is good news as for the past three months the take has been heading in the wrong direction.

Encore must do big numbers to thrive and to survive.

Encore is no good to Wynn Resorts with flat earnings and lower takes. The company is right now in a close look at its entire operation to

figure out what exactly works and what doesn’t.

The Wynn folks have found that Boston is a bit more difficult to figure out than say, Las Vegas or Macau.

Boston’s culture is different.

The Greater Boston relationship with gaming is slightly more complex, they have found.

There is some doubt that Wynn officials will ever be able to figure out the Boston market, much less to make of it a huge success as was first planned.

Short of this, executives are hoping to learn how to bring in the crowds and to make big money.

It is easier said than done but if anyone can figure this out it is Wynn Corporation.

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