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The mayor’s Fundraiser

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The mayor has lost touch with the common man and woman, the working class Everett residents who make up the vast majority of voters and longtime residents here.

His recent fundraiser last week proves it.

According to his closest supporters, the mayor raised more than $180,000.We have to wonder? What caused so many to drop so much into the mayor’s campaign account?

Everett residents must ask themselves – why such a long line of $500 contributors for the mayor? What kind of magic does he perform to be the recipient of such generosity in a long line like the automobile traffic clogging Broadway?

The why is about fear. The mayor runs an administration based on fear, favoritism, exclusion and bias.

There is a palpable feeling of nearly everyone employed by the mayor at city hall or those doing business with him that if you fail to perform exactly as he expects, you could very likely lose your job or experience costly delays at city hall.

His fund raiser last week attracted an avalanche of developers and city vendors all paying homage and saying thank you with their checks. Because he knew the developers and vendors were coming, he changed the venue.

The developers brought checks so as not to be put on the mayor’s naughty list.

The fundraiser was the mayor’s graduation entirely to a new place in his belief that he will be the mayor forever with developers and vendorts and city employees flocking to the casino hand him checks.

“We’re gonna class it up,” the mayor told a large crowd of his supporters last week who crowded into a small room that glitters like gold at the Encore Hotel.

“No more Anthony’s,” he said with energy and verve.

Caviar was served at his fundraiser inside the function room at the Encore Hotel. Sushi was served on silver platters the way chicken wings are scooped out of stainless steel servers at Anthony’s.

Champagne flowed. Drinks were purchased at the cash bar for $18 and glasses of wine were almost as much. Average people who attended were aghast at what they had to contribute to the mayor and what they had to pay for drinks.

The mayor beamed on this night. He wanted to appear more like a big city boss than the peoples’ mayor of Everett.

“No more Anthony’s,” is what the mayor is now all about. His fundraiser proved this.

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