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A Chirstmsas present for some

By Josh Resnek

Christmas is here.

I thought it might be appropriate to give some of our friends presents for the holiday.

We are giving Kickback Carlo a long holiday in Aruba. The three or four long vacations he took last year to Aruba he told us were working holidays. So this time, we want him to really enjoy some downtime instead of working so hard for the city 24/7.

We will make sure he doesn’t take his cell phone. This way, he can’t be reached and he can get the relaxation he needs.

We are also opting to get him a GPS so he can find his way to his office at city hall.

Because he works so hard for Everett wherever he is – in Europe, in Arizona, in Las Vegas, and in Aruba – we feel he needs an additional 20 days or so of real vacation time to add to his 60-80 days of paid vacation which he took last year.

We figure 3 months vacation is what Kickback deserves.

Don’t you?

As he likes to tell the council and so many others, “The way I work so hard for all of you and because of everything I have done, I am owed all this vacation time.”

“And I am owed a $12,500 a year stipend for a car I never rented or bought.”

Of course you are, Mr. Mayor.

Gerry Navarro, the Paper Boy, is another hardworking city employee who deserves a present.

He makes about $130,000 a year without having an official job title because frankly, he doesn’t have much of a job except making sure he does whatever the mayor instructs him to do.

As the mayor’s chief supporter and right hand man, Paper Boy is a very busy guy not so much for the city or its residents but he does a lot for himself!

We believe the Paper Boy, who loves to steal our papers from news stands wherever they are offered, should be given a job title as his Christmas present.

He might also enjoy set hours to work and duties to carry out.

It might be a whole lot better for him to have something to do. How about a present for the city’s Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas?

Demas is another mayoral lt. who takes orders from the mayor like a good soldier.

There is no order from the mayor two tall for Demas to carry out. How about the city paying for a no smoking program for him to join?

We’re worried just a bit about Demas’s health. He smokes cigarettes. The city’s beloved bond rating needs a non-smoker.

Demas’ present – a carton of nicotine free smokes.

Fred Capone needs to persuade himself to run for mayor in the next election.

His present is the gift of listening to those urging him to run and acting on it and then announcing his run in or within six months.

Gerly Adrien is being given the politician of the year award in Everett as her Christmas present – and she deserves it. No one worked harder or smarter than she did to win the last election and to top the ticket.

Mike McLaughlin’s Christmas present is the major recognition he has been receiving as a tough campaigner and a man of the people. His victory over the mayor’s best friend Al Lattanzi is a gift that keeps giving.

Senator Sal DiDomenico should receive the man for all seasons award as his Christmas present. Sal has worked long and hard to become solidly entrenched in his position at the State House.

Councilor elect Stephanie Martins should be given a compass as her Christmas present so she can know which way to go when it comes to supporting various initiatives.

Councilor elect Jimmy Tri Le’s Christmas present should be the hands down congratulations of the city’s voting demographic for becoming the first Vietnamese ever elected to public office here.

His victory is his present.

Mike Marchese’s present is our continued support for his independent voice.

Mike is his own man. He still has aspirations.

His independence is a present that keeps giving.

John Hanlon’s present is the good health and positive energy to stick around for a long long time.

Rosa DeFlorio’s present is for her to team up with the other two women on the council to form a bit of a gender power thing on the council.

In the #metoo world this is a powerful present.

Dean of the council Wayne Matewsky’s present is getting investigative help to find the two voters that eluded him in the lastelection! Who were those two voters who forgot to cast a vote for him allowing him to come in second, instead of the usual place, first?

We are giving Peter Napolitano a battlefield commendation for warding off defeat in the last election.

We are giving city employees a present they badly need.

The freedom not to attend mayoral fundraisers!

Who would disagree with that!

In order to receive the benefits of this present, they must tell the mayor they are not coming and they are not giving their hard earned money to him.

Now this is quite a present!

We are giving the School Committee the present of independence of thought and the power to speak up. The quiet is deafening among that membership. With a new superintendent taking over, their voices are more important than ever before.

The present for the new Superintendent of Schools is a key that unlocks the door to great success in her management of the public schools.

That is quite a key and quite a door!

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