Merry Christmas

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It is impossible to know how many Christmas holidays we get to celebrate in a lifetime.

Can we all agree that no Christmas should go uncelebrated?

No matter the condition of our family relationships, Christmas must go on.


Because we get so few of them before we are gone.

When we are gone, there is no Christmas. Enjoy it now while we are here.

No matter how crazy or upsetting our lives can be, or how satisfied and calm some of us can be, the holiday must be celebrated.

Even the obsessed, who care not about holidays, whose only care are their obsessions, must reserve a night and a day to pay attention to Christmas.

Life without Christmas is not life.

Christmas is too commercial, you complain.

So what. What’s wrong with exchanging presents even if you go into debt buying them!

Christmas is about sharing presents, sharing love, sharing hope and affection but only if you are capable of doing this.

It is also about family squabbles big and small, and for some, it is about poverty and inability to buy anything, let alone to pay the rent as the Christmas comes and goes.

This Christmas more than a few will be coping with the loss of a loved one. It is very near to impossible to get through a Christmas when death or terrible sickness has entered our homes wherever we live, or whatever terrible circumstances we find ourselves in.

The coming of Christmas places heavy pressure on many people.

For many, many others, it is just a wonderful holiday made all the better with a bit of snow falling on Christmas Day when so many awaken in warm homes and find Christmas trees with presents spread under them; everyone feeling good.

This Christmas is just such a time – a time for happiness. Things are pretty good right now in this city.

The local economy is booming. The national economy is solid and growing.

The outlook is all about another good year coming up.

If you aren’t yet in the spirit of the coming holiday, well, I’d suggest you ramp up a bit and prepare for Christmas, 2019.

We cannot know how many Christmas holidays we get to celebrate. It is a finite number.

We all get only so many. So do not waste this one.

To all our readers and advertisers, we wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you health and wealth, good feeling and more.

We wish you peace on earth and goodwill to men.

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