The 600 project put off until January ZBA meet

By Josh Resnek

A multi-million dollar middle income rental development at the 600 block of Broadway was expecting some kind of approval or disapproval from members of the Zoning Board of Appeals last week.

A large number of proponents for the $25-$35 million multi story apartment building turned out to a meeting held at the Parlin Library but only four members of the Zoning Board of Appeals appeared.

Those who turned out expressed disappointment that a full ZBA compliment of its voting members failed to show up for the hearing.

Three members of the ZBA reported having personal emergencies that prevented them from attending the meeting.

The project is owned in part by John Tocco, the former Encore vice- president who has gone into the real estate development business.

He expressed dismay but remained hopeful everything would be made right for the development group in January, when the ZBA will next meet on the matter.

It was a huge disappointment for a large crowd of first timers to a public meeting in the city of Everett who came to support this project, perhaps one of the most ambitious real estate developments to be proposed for Broadway in its modern history.

The project is expected to feature at least 80 units and a café as well as some parking.

Some members of the ZBA continue to be baffled by the city’s willingness to welcome developments which do not have the statutory number of spaces required for the units to be built according to code.

The mayor has repeatedly expressed his belief that providing more parking spaces causes more traffic – and there is a tendency among many in the development community including his staff at city hall, who agree with this belief.

There is also the belief that by hanging parking requirements which cannot reasonably be met over the heads of developers like Tocco, the city is failing itself in its desire to attract more and better development for the future well-being of the city.

There is the further reality that public transportation modalities are being improved to the point where many of those moving to Everett do not own automobiles and therefor do not need parking spaces.

The 600 would replace an ugly assemblage including a medical office facility and large parking space as well as an additional residential property.

The 600 will feature a soaring building with spectacular views and solid, modern designed housing.

The construction permit alone will produce several hundred thousands of dollars for the city treasury.

Taxes on the property have not yet been determined but they will be substantial.



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