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Gerly Adrian

By Editorial Staff Leader Herald

She came. She saw. She conquered.

When all was said and done with this year’s municipal election, Gerly Adrien, Councilor at Large elect, topped the ticket sending a shockwave through the usually predictable political circles in this city.

She did it on her own.

She didn’t have the support of the mayor.

Her stunning victory stands tall not only because she is a woman traversing politics in what is largely a men’s playing field, but because she is a woman of color whose family hails from Haiti.

Brought up here, a graduate of local schools, a holder of two degrees, her conquest in November is one of the most memorable victories a woman scored this year in this city.

She brings some dignity and class, and a mind entirely of her own making to her new position.

We are proud to name Gerly Adrien the Leader Herald’s Woman of the Year 2019.


Police Chief Steve Mazzie

By Editorial Staff Leader Herald

The ancient Greeks believed there was nothing more important than the safety of the people (except for the education of people).

The safety of the people here has rested on the shoulders of one man for many years – and throughout that time, he has served this city and his colleagues in the police department always with respect and professionalism and without an ounce of bravado.

He doesn’t see by race or color. He doesn’t bend to the whims of the moment. He runs a tight ship at the Everett Police Station where his tenure has never been touched by controversy or scandal.

During the past year statistics prove that Chief Mazzie knows what he is doing.

In nearly every major category, city crime is down, and has been heading downward for quite some time. He was primary in police planning for the Encore

Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel.

The traffic nightmare expected was planned for but never materialized in large part to his planning. We are proud and pleased to name Chief Steve Mazzie as Everett’s Man of the Year.

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