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This year could be very different for DCF

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By Josh Resnek

What is the DCF?

That’s Councilor Mike Marchese’s Facebook creation last week identifying the mayor and his followers as the “DiMaria Crime Family.”

We don’t want to confuse Mike’s sense of humor with his attitude when he is angry.

He is angry about the mayor’s most recent attack on him and his family that took place in the parking lot at city hall following the end of a council meeting last week.

In jeans and a sweatshirt (that’s what the mayor was wearing at the council meeting) he looked a bit better than the blue suit he has worn so many times that some of us want to donate another suit of a different color and cut for him to wear.

I don’t care that he wore a sweatshirt and jeans to the meeting – but some of his colleagues in government were offended by it.

The DCF assignation is an apt three letter magnum opus for Marchese, who has shown his hand on where exactly he is going to stand when the new council convenes on January 6.

Don’t be afraid of the big words.

Assignation is just another way of saying the mayor using letters instead of having to utter his name. Magnum opus means big success. It is Latin, of course.

Marchese was so upset he had to control himself from showing the mayor who is more capable of being volatile when push comes to shove. In other words, the mayor is picking on the wrong guy when he’s chasing Marchese around the parking lot at city hall after a meeting! The mayor will have Marchese to contend with moving onward. He will have Councilor Mike McLaughlin to contend with and he will have Councilor Fred Capone to deal with as the new session of the council is almost set to get underway.

Capone and the mayor are on a head on crash collision course because Capone has let it be known discretely that his time to run for mayor is here.

As if all the above is not enough to contend with, there is the realty of Gerly Adrien and what she is going to bring to the council.

She will not be a rubber stamp for the mayor or for anyone for that matter,

He was against her.

She will never forget this.

There is no way to make it up to her.

She will be at loggerheads with the mayor and he will be against her.

That’s where their relationship is heading.

Stephanie Martins is not quite so predictable. I don’t know whether or not the mayor has had her in yet for one of his sit downs where he keeps a list of names in front of him and goes down the list name by name and details what she must do and who she is allowed to speak with or she will get nothing from him.

I don’t know how Martins will take to such a low grade attack on her independence…and yet I think I do know how she will react.

Councilor elect Jimmy Tri Le will not be told what to do. This Everett real estate broker, father and husband has some real spine. He is the quiet strong type, loyal and ambitious.

He is no one to order around.

With just these six councilors, the mayor is facing a situation he cannot control.

When the mayor loses control, he worries. When he worries, he eats. When he eats, he puts on weight.

Right now, he’s taken off some major pounds, cut his hair and does his best to treat his friends like friends and his enemies like enemies.

The enemies list grows larger and larger every month.

The friends are those he pays. They are fair weather friends who must contribute money to him all the time.

They are made to attend times they have no interest in when they’d rather be left alone to do the jobs they were hired to perform.

They don’t like knowing the mayor considers them paid chattel – that is – the mayor thinks he owns city employees because he pays them.

What the mayor doesn’t get is that the taxpayers pay the city employees, not him.

The mayor doesn’t own anyone working for the city, except those who have sold their lives to him for jobs.

The council session coming up won’t be like anything we are used to. How the mayor will react is anyone’s guess.

Based on past experience, I know this: it won’t be pretty or neat or clean or classy.

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