Mayor chases, harangues Marchese in city hall lot

By Josh Resnek

The real show Monday night occurred in the parking lot after the city council meeting had adjourned.

The mayor tracked down Councilor Mike Marchese who was walking to his car and preparing to leave after giving the mayor what he wanted – his vote for the $10.5 million the mayor said he needed to purchase the Pope John property.

Dressed in jeans and a sweater, the mayor confronted Marchese.

“What are you trying to do? Are you against elderly and veterans,” the mayor shouted at Marchese.

“What are you complaining about?” Marchese asked him.

You got the votes you wanted and the money. What’s your problem with me?”

Marchese told the Leader Herald and posted a similar account on his Facebook site regarding the incident.

“I know I should be quiet, but I can’t sleep because I am pissed off!

Tonight after my meeting, I was verbally attacked by two members of the DCF, the DiMaria Crime Family,The mayor and someone else! I don’t know what his problem is with me, I voted for everything he wanted, but I dared question the piece, which I am paid to do. He blamed me and yelled at me about all his problems with me and what I allegedly did to him. I restrained myself and asked him what his problem is and someone with him called me a F——- Scumbag Boy. What class. I will obtaining a restraining order tomorrow against these idiots! I’m tired of the cheap shots my family has endured under this administration.

“Go sell donuts!” Marchese told the Leader Herald, referencing the mayor’s connection to his father-in-law’s donut business.

The mayor allegedly accused Marchese of repeatedly trying to ruin his reputation.

‘What reputation,” Marchese replied, he told the Leader Herald.

The parking lot incident is a sign of political things to come when next week, the new council is sworn in.

The mayor is said to be concerned about the new council.

Marchese got into his automobile in the city hall parking lot and ordered the mayor to stay away from him.

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