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McLaughlin believed to be running against McGonagle

By Josh Resnek

Fresh off a stunning victory sacking a powerful opponent for a council seat in November, Councilor Mike McLaughlin is said to be planning a run for Everett’s seat in the House of Representatives.

Talk in political circles about such a possibility was rife Monday, preceding the mayor’s mid-term address.

The mayor fed the political frenzy surrounding the possibility that McLaughlin will be running when he mistakenly referred to Rep. McGonagle as Rep. McLaughlin during his speech.

The mayor was visibly perturbed by misnaming McLaughlin as the representative.

The mayor was forced to correct himself, causing a number of people in the packed council chamber to note the gaffe with loud expressions of surprise as well as with hearty laughter.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 5.40.53 PM.png
City Councilor Michael J. McLaughlin
(Photo by Josh Resnek)

McGonagle who seemed disoriented when delivering brief remarks before the mayor began his speech, appeared emotionless about the mayor’s mistake in identity.

In fact, many people in the large throng attending Monday night’s mayor’s speech and inauguration of the new council, were made uneasy by the long gaps

in the exceptionally brief and somewhat incoherent remarks made by Mcgonagle.

At one point, the rep seemed unable to complete a thought, which was followed by a gap of silence that went for about 10 to 15 seconds, an eternity when facing such a large crowd.

When he regained his composure, he said to the crowd: “I must have lost my thought.”


For his part, McLaughlin told the Leader Herald he would neither confirm nor deny that he has decided to run against the rep.

“I am giving it some thought,” he said regarding a run. If he is running, he can pull papers on February 14.

According to several of McLaughlin’s allies, he has already decided to run.

“He’s running,” a political consultant told the Leader Herald Monday morning.

McLaughlin can run without jeopardizing his council seat but would likely have to give it up if he beats Mcgonagle.

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