About diversity, again

The mayor announced at the annual Martin Luther King dinner that he is excited and eager to open an office of diversity at city hall.

The compelling question is this – who will the mayor choose to head this new office?

Will he hire someone of color and ethnicity or will he give the job to his favorite political hack, The Paper Boy, Jerry Navarro?

Oddly enough, several people said this week they believed Navarro would be the head of the office of diversity!

Frankly, such an appointment would be too embarrassing to believe much less to accept.

If and when the office of diversity opens, it needs to be staffed by a diverse group of men and women who live in this city, who have walked the walk and talked the talk growing up here, working here, living here, raising children here and on and on.

Right now, diversity is a dead end in this city on the orders of the mayor.

The only reason there are so few people of color and ethnicity working for the city is because the mayor doesn’t allow such people to be hired, much less does he want minorities to take their justified spaces behind desks and inside the many offices of city hall.

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