Come clean Rep. McGonagle

We have learned that a legislative aid to Rep. Joe McGonagle just completed her first day working in the mayor’s front office.

Sources tell us that she is studying the city’s 311 emergency system.

This is all well and good but the people who sent McGonagle to the State House need to know what this is all about.

How long will Ms. Lees be in the mayor’s office?

What are her duties?

Is Ms. Lees now working for the mayor as part of his effort to get McGonagle re-elected?

Is this a ploy to gain votes out of the mayor’s office for McGonagle, who is facing the fight of his life with Councilor Mike McLaughlin running against him?

Ms. Lees cannot serve two masters.

She is either working for McGonagle or the mayor. She cannot work for both.

It would be unethical for her to work in the mayor’s office under the guise of running the city’s 311 system.

It is much more likely that she has been put inside the mayor’s office to perform constituent work for her boss to increase his voter base with a tough election coming up.

The State election cycle kicks off in one month.

The funny stuff so much a part of the mayor’s persona is alive and well inside his office.

We are uncertain what exactly the city’s 311 system has to do with the State House.

We wonder what Ms. Lees is doing inside the mayor’s office.

We urge the mayor to order her to return to the State House where she belongs as soon as possible.

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