Jeff Bouvier’s dream

The owner of the Bouvier Building in Everett Square went before the Zoning Board of Appeals Tuesday night to test the waters for a boutique hotel with 23 rooms.

This is a universe away from the perpetual state of affairs for this key structure in the heart of the Everett Square which the Bouvier Family has owned for 65 years.

Built in 1877, the building for longer than a century housed offices and apartments upstairs, and featured the popular jewelry store by the same name, Bouvier’s, and Brighams on the street floor.

That was then. This is now.

The building has been an eyesore and from time to time, a danger to the well-being of everyone congregating in the square.

Now comes Jeff Bouvier proposing a boutique hotel, promising to retain the historic aspects of the building which was all about Victorian splendor when it was built, and wanting to remake the place in a very big way.

It would probably require $4 – $6 million dollars to do everything Bouvier wants to do.

He has enlisted the services of an architectural firm, and he has told the Leader Herald, “this is just the first step to be followed by a discussion.”


For several years, the mayor has made it known he wants to take the place by eminent domain from Bouvier.

Several years ago, the mayor had the building condemned.

Now the city is in the midst of taking proposals from developers to redo the square with housing and retail outlets, parking and landscaping and open space.

Some of the early plans show the square without the Bouvier Building.

Obviously, this new proposal needs to be carefully scrutinized by the mayor and his team.

What might have been picked up for a song, is now looking like a much more expensive symphony with the planned rehabilitation.

A 23 room boutique hotel in Everett Square would be a giant step toward remaking the place.

What a great change that would be for the long abused and empty Bouvier Building.

It is even a bigger plus for development in the square.

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