Can we do better than this?

The public park now being redone in North Everett is a glaring example of precious city money being spent – hundreds of thousands of dollars – to reconstruct the park which was already one of the loveliest public parks in the city.

Manyresidentshaveaskeduswhytheparkwasbeingredonewhenit gave the appearance of a park not at all in need of any improvements. The recent redo just a few years back of the park by GTA was flawless. The gazebo built by GTA is perhaps the most brilliant piece of period

style exterior construction in the city today.
Some have suggested this present redo of the park, (not by GTA) by

a contractor friend of the mayor’s, is what made the project possible. This sounds very likely but we have no proof of this.
The only proof we have about the park being redone – new and wider

sidewalks, new granite, landscaping, possibly a few benches, some paving and whatever else was planned for – is that it didn’t appear to need to be redone.

What has been gained?

Not much.

Might the park be redone for the elderly to sit and play checkers or chess, or to have a place to listen to music or the kind of public entertainment the elderly tend to love?

We doubt it.

What has been lost with this unnecessary redo of the park?

A great deal of money that could have been put to much better use. The money being spent needlessly on an already lovely public park could be spent wisely or out of necessity to plug a financial hole elsewhere in this city.

We have learned that the fuel assistance plan for the needy that takes care of so many peoples’ heating needs is almost out of money or out of money entirely.

Through the mayor, the city has been soliciting donations so the fuel assistance will not be entirely suspended with so much winter left ahead of us.

The argument can be made, but it is a weak argument, that redoing a public place that doesn’t need it is good public policy.

It isn’t.

Redoing a park that already shines is like running a automobile polished automobile already shining through the car wash again.

More care should be shown on how money is spent. Money goes out much faster than it comes in. Everyone at city hall should be aware of this.

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