Letter to the Editor

Several years back I saw for the first time, the Mayor spending tens of thousands of dollars on criminal attorneys. I thought to myself this must be a one time situation nothing to be alarmed about. Now several years in a row the Mayor continues to spend large sums of money in this way and it’s become alarming to many.

It’s become very eye opening to the residents of Everett and I hear it from individuals very often. As the CEO of Everett, many believe he has an obligation to OUR bosses which are the residents and business owners of Everett to explain the reasoning behind this long-standing practice.

These monies are paid, strongly believed in accordance with his duties as Mayor. It is many peoples belief that he wouldn’t be able to pay these invoices through his campaign account otherwise. Again this information could be wrong but it’s anyone’s guess currently only the Mayor knows. I personally don’t remember past Mayor’s spending large sums of campaign contributions in this manner so it’s not common practice.

Respectfully, City Councilor Michael J. McLaughlin

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