Zoning Board puts Off vote on 600

By Josh Resnek

The Zoning Board of Appeals last week was supposed to have voted up or down the 600 Broadway apartment building development.

Most likely, according to sources, the ZBA was going to vote for it

But something happened on the way to the vote in a crowded Keverian Conference Room at city hall.

Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien showed up.

Her appearance caught the rapt attention of the ZBA membership, who are at odds with themselves about what would be the right scale of the development in a perfect world.

Adrien stood up for those opposed to the grandiose development, intended to place 80 units in an eight story building where a medical group operates today.

“I wanted the neighborhood to know I am there for them – that this development isn’t sitting well with everyone in the neighborhood, not by a long shot,” Adrien told the Leader Herald earlier this week.

The proposed development team, led by the former Encore executive John Tocco, had been depending on a seamless approval.

This didn’t materialize.

In the end, the ZBA stood up for the people.

They delayed a vote and further discussion until a neighborhood meeting is held at city hall.

Adrien did a follow-up neighborhood walk around following the ZBA meeting.

“There was a lot of support for my intervention from the neighborhood,” she said. She said she spoke with at least 21 people who are against the project as it is planned.

Shew also wrote and printed a letter explaining her interest in advocating for the neighborhood. She left a copy on each doorstep of each home she visited during her walk around.

The ZBA, as a result, delayed a vote and scheduled a hearing for a neighborhood meeting to be held shortly. The developers will be there. Councilor Adrien will attend.

The neighborhood will show up. Should be quite a discussion.

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