Everett Family Resource Center celebrates Second Anniversary

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The Eliot Family Resource Center recently celebrated their second anniversary! Located at the old Everett high school, the resource center has helped over 1300 families from Everett and surrounding communities in the two years it has been open.

Volunteer of the year awards were given to Valentina, from Malden, and Evelyn, from Everett, recognizing their hundred of hours of community service, from cleaning toys, sorting produce for the food pantry, to helping wrap presents for the holiday event, and staffing tables at outreach events.

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Letter to the Editor

Several years back I saw for the first time, the Mayor spending tens of thousands of dollars on criminal attorneys. I thought to myself this must be a one time situation nothing to be alarmed about. Now several years in a row the Mayor continues to spend large sums of money in this way and it’s become alarming to many.

It’s become very eye opening to the residents of Everett and I hear it from individuals very often. As the CEO of Everett, many believe he has an obligation to OUR bosses which are the residents and business owners of Everett to explain the reasoning behind this long-standing practice.

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Kobe Bryant

The outpouring of grief over the early loss of Kobe Bryant at 41 in a helicopter crash that took the lives of nine, including his 13 year old daughter, has been quite a spectacle to watch.

The NBA great, one of the most prolific players of his era, of any era, had a very large following in basketball and sports circles everywhere, including a huge place in basketball in China, where Bryant was revered.

Fans across the nation, across the spectrum of the sports world, and among players and athletes everywhere is that Bryant was a giant competitor, a winner through and through, and a positive spirit in a game dominated by only a handful of outrageously talented players.

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Good luck to new appointments

Council President Rosa DiFlorio has announced committee assignments for the 2020 city council.

Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky, the longest serving member of the council and a former representative will be the Chairman of the influential Ways and Means Committee, arguably the busiest and most sought after committee assignment. Councilor at Large Peter Napolitano is the chair of the Committee on the Budget.

Councilor at Large Mike Marchese is the chair of the Committee on Community and Business Development and Public Utilities.

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Can we do better than this?

The public park now being redone in North Everett is a glaring example of precious city money being spent – hundreds of thousands of dollars – to reconstruct the park which was already one of the loveliest public parks in the city.

Manyresidentshaveaskeduswhytheparkwasbeingredonewhenit gave the appearance of a park not at all in need of any improvements. The recent redo just a few years back of the park by GTA was flawless. The gazebo built by GTA is perhaps the most brilliant piece of period

style exterior construction in the city today.
Some have suggested this present redo of the park, (not by GTA) by

a contractor friend of the mayor’s, is what made the project possible. This sounds very likely but we have no proof of this.
The only proof we have about the park being redone – new and wider

sidewalks, new granite, landscaping, possibly a few benches, some paving and whatever else was planned for – is that it didn’t appear to need to be redone.

What has been gained?

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