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A noisy, meaningless, empty Super Sunday without Pats

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Without Tom Brady and the Patriots playing in the Super Bowl it was hard to pay attention to. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

The Super Bowl without Tom Brady and the Patriots was a world championship game without much meaning for New England football fans.

I speak for most of us New England Patriots devotees who watched the Super Bowl, who lamented at the same time that the Pats, led by the GOAT (Brady), were not in it.

Until the day of the game we weren’t caring who was going to win or lose. We were mostly considering whether or not Brady would leave the Pats after two decades and six Super Bowls, or whether he will stay.

The game came and went. Patrick Mahomes and former Pat Jimmy Garoppolo engaged in a battle destined to be won by Mahomes daring and precision near the end when needed most with just 6 minutes to go.

Again, who really cared among us from around here? I didn’t.

This time last year, we were all celebrating a thrilling Patriots Super Bowl victory.

How could we have not known that without Gronk coming back this year we didn’t stand a chance, not unless we bought two players that equaled Gronk’s singular play on the field.

There was nothing to care for on Super Sunday.

I didn’t care about the ads, and frankly, I didn’t like most of the ads.

The ads meant to be funny weren’t funny.

The ones that were intended to be serious were too political.

They all seemed too loud, too noisy, too fast, filled with explosions, splatters, and the meanderings of the many stars who appeared in them.

I had no idea what or who many of the ads were advertising!

The half time show with Shakira and J-Lo, well, what is there to say?

They all shook their bottoms in their flimsy outfits and jumped around on the stage like wild animals moving their arms and legs like pistons with several dozen dancers and to what end? I’m not sure except to say that many millions enjoyed the fireworks, the dancing, the noise and the speed of the thing.

No one watching needed to spend an instant thinking or using their brain.

On Monday morning, we began to learn that the GOAT is apparently being offered $30 million a year for the next two seasons by the Patriots.

That’s all that matters.

One or two more great years showing everyone how its done by real champions.

If Gronk can come back for one more year…well… if he remains healthy, the sky is again the limit for the Pats.

Then maybe we’ll have a Super Bowl to watch with interest.

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