Murder-suicide dredges up horrors of the past

By Josh Resnek

Frank Trombetta was shot and killed by his brother-in-law William McFeeley while he was working at a Saugus gas station last Friday.

McFeeley left the scene of the crime – a Mobil station located at Essex Street and Lincoln Avenue in Saugus – drove to Woodlawn Cemetery, pulled out a gun while he sat in his car, apparently put it to his head and committed suicide.

Trombetta was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and then pronounced dead.

McFeeley was found seated inside a white Mini Cooper.

He was dead when Everett Police found him there. Both men, Everett residents, were 63.

State Police have yet to release a motive for the murder-suicide. No information has been forthcoming during this time when an official investigation is underway by the District Attorney’s office.

As a result of the shooting and the discovery of McFeeley’s body at Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett’s public schools were placed on a lockdown.

Trombetta and his wife, Lorraine, were arrested by Everett Police more than two decades ago during the winter after officers found the couple and their five children were living in squalid conditions.

Their Alfred Street home was reported to have been reeking of rotten food and strewn inside with garbage. Dog and cat feces were found, cockroaches and a baby’s crib filled with empty beer cans, according to a Boston Globe report from that era.

Also, Trombetta was accused and arrested for allegedly beating his wife at the time.

Their kids, ranging in age from 22 months to 13 years, fled the house and were found wandering about in the city a while later.

Everett Police reported two of the children were shirtless. Two were wearing no shoes.

The eldest boy was carrying his baby sister, who wore only thin pajamas.

The case created a sensation.

However, in the end, Trombetta was acquitted of domestic violence charges after his wife declined to testify against him.

Although police refrained from speculating about motive, it appears apparent that Trombetta’s brother-in-law may have held a long time grudge against him, which caused the mayhem in Saugus and Everett last Friday.


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