Lorrie Bruno

Lorrie Bruno was one of those rare Everett residents who was always willing to do for others at all times.

She was the proverbial do-gooder willing to give others the shirt off her back to help out those in need.

“She was just a great person,” is the comment heard most often among those who remember her service to the city and to the residents of Everett during her ten years on the city council.

Her death last week left many residents saddened.

Councilor Wayne Matewsky recalled Bruno as a very generous, caring, gentle woman who was always available for the residents of this city who reached out to her.

And he is right.

She didn’t care what ward you lived in if you called her with a problem.

She just went out and got things fixed for you.

Bruno lived here all her life. She loved this city and was proud to call it home all her life.

For her, Everett was a great place, filled with great people.

Her recent death leaves a void that can never be filled.

The city has suffered a great loss.

There are no Lorrie Brunos coming up the ladder in Everett today.

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