Police investigating death and body found on Hancock Street

By Josh Resnek

Everett and State Police are investigating the exact cause of the death of a man found on the porch of a multi-family home early Monday morning on Hancock Street.

Although police are refusing to comment on the incident, sources close to the investigation told the Leader Herald the body that was found on the porch was that of a man wearing shorts who most likely died elsewhere and was transported to the porch.

“It is most likely a drug overdose,” said the source, who wished to remain unnamed.

“It is very sad. This particular residence is very quiet with respectable tenants,” he told the Leader Herald Tuesday morning.

When the body was discovered, it was lifeless. Many early morning passersby noticed the body.

When police responded, the body was covered and the investigation began in earnest.

Area residents interviewed said the discovery of the body on the porch reminded them of a similar incident about 1 1⁄2 years ago when the body of a dead woman was discovered on the sidewalk in front of a home on Morris Street.

The woman died of a drug overdose.

Her body was apparently removed from an apartment somewhere on Morris Street and then dumped on the sidewalk.

The Hancock Street incident caused an outpouring of interest locally.

The public nature of the discovery shocked the passersby.

“This isn’t the type of thing that should be happening here,” said a source.

“Its really evil,” he added.

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