Tacos anyone? Encore rolls Out the Cantina Taco truck

January betting down $6 million

By Josh Resnek

In an effort to find the mix that works just right to pack the casi- no, Encore is making bold and pragmatic business decisions to lure more visitors to the sprawling casino and hotel.

With betting down about $6 million over last month, for a total of $48 million, these changes are arriving not a moment too soon to Encore.

Although the casino was built to replicate in every way the Wynn Resorts extravagant hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, and to at- tract high rollers from Boston and all over the region, the nation and beyond, that early bid and belief has proven insufficient to meet the demands of this region.

Encore executives are finding the Boston marketplace is an unto itself space, with habits of potential visitors to the casino and hotel far different than they first expected.

To this end, Encore executives have decided to experiment, to go off-road, so to speak, to find what combination of enticements will lure the greatest number of people to Encore.

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The five star nature of the place is in a state of change right now. The effort is to create an atmosphere with possibilities for those who come to the casino who do not wish to overspend for fancy and expensive dinners at finer dining locations.

The new Encore Cantina taco truck is just such a lure.

It is providing cheap eats in order for the casino to broaden its appeal.

“That taco truck is just what the doctor ordered,” said an En- core employee who wished to remain unnamed.

“It’s appearance has been a tremendous success. Thousands have bought tacos and cheaper eats off the truck since it ap- peared on the floor,” he added.
“It takes less time away from gambling, and leaves the visitor with more money to gamble – which is the pursuit of everyone coming to the casino,” he added.

The taco truck is bright red and housed in an antique Citroen delivery truck.

A plate of nachos starts at $7.00. Broadening the casino’s appeal to more common folks inclined to go there is what the taco truck is all about.

The exclusive five star image the place has tried to convey has been deemed to be an impediment here in Everett/Boston where the Encore executives are carefully weighing and measuring new inducements that will produce larger numbers of visitors of all kinds that will come to the casino.

Encore president Brian Gullbrants told the Boston Globe last week: “We don’t want to be a Vegas casino. We want to be a Boston casino,” he said.

Some visitors to the casino have complained the place is too expensive.

Boston, some say, is a much bigger challenge than Macau or Las Vegas.

Appealing to wealthy gamblers is one thing. Appealing to everyone else is another.

Regulars are important.

Table games popularity at the casino are extremely high. They are believed to be about the highest cash generators of their kind in the industry. Slots are still lagging.

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