Hockey Family

Crimson Tide defenseman Kaleigh Snook (9) chases down a loose puck against Minutemen Regional High School.  (Photo By Joseph Prezioso)

By Lorenzo Recupero

Crimson Tide starting defenseman Kaleigh Snook comes from a long line of EHS hockey alumni, and though she’s the only female on the list, she’s just one of the guys when on the ice.

“I first started at about 2-3 years old and evolved from there,” said EHS junior Kaleigh Snook on where this playing hockey thing all started for her.

Her father, Chris Snook, is a class of 86’ alumni who played hockey for the Tide. His brother, John Snook, a class of 77’ alumni, was a former hockey all-star at EHS. Kaleigh’s two brothers, Ryan (17’) and Nick (19’) also played defenseman for the Tide. So It’s safe to say Kaleigh’s had ice running in her veins since she was born.

“Hockey has been in the family,” said Chris Snook, who coached all three of his children during the developmental youth league years and is proud that hockey has become synonymous with Snook in Everett.

He was also clear about how Kaleigh stands alone on the family team, and not just because of her gender.

“All my kids are different players even though they’ve played the same position. They all have different skills and abilities but love playing. Kaleigh is different than the others, she’s not a flashy player but she sticks to the coaches directions and styles she’s asked to play and is an all-around kind of player,” said Chris Snook. “I’m very proud of her and how she goes out and competes against the guys no matter what,” he said.

To Kaleigh, who has helped the Tide win 12 games, the most the team has won in several seasons, being a true defender that “stays home” rather than “chasing the puck” for offensive chances is what’s helped her excel on the ice.

Crimson Tide defenseman Kaleigh Snook (9).

“When I get the puck, I just try to give it to my teammates that play a scoring position”, said Snook, who finds joy in letting the play develop. “I’m more patient, I like to take my time at my position,” she said. And playing defense means taking some big hits, something she’s never been worried about. “I’m so used to hockey with the boys, playing with them is normal to me now,” said Snook.

EHS Head Coach Alex Naumann is grateful this seasons playoff team is equipped with a player of her caliber.

“She’s a level-headed, team player. She’s very unselfish and just wants to win, wants the team to win,” said Naumann. “She’s the stay-at-home tough defenseman that every team needs,” he said.

As for her being the only girl on the team, Coach Naumann sees no difference between the Crimson she bleeds and that of the family members before her.

“She laughs at the guys, she’s like one of them out there. And she’ll definitely get in there and mix it up.”

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