The upcoming presidential primary, can the presidency be bought?

How will Everett vote on Super Tuesday?

Many local political followers who are Democrats believe Senator Elizabeth Warren will win in our city.

Trump will win the Republican vote and the nomination locally for president.

Bloomberg might capture a larger than usual bunch of Democratic votes.

He’s been spending a pile of money in Massachusetts.

Will there be Russians milling around trying to disrupt the Everett vote?

We don’t think so.

The biggest question for nearly all of us who are following the trials and tribulations of the Democrats and Republicans is not whether the Russians will disrupt the vote, which would be an impossibility despite the press trying to worry us with fears of Russia dominating the election.

Rather, the most significant question is whether or not the election, ie, the presidency of the United States can be bought by the billionaire former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Can a billionaire buy the presidency?

We ‘re about to find out.

Money can’t buy love. It can’t buy your good health. Money can’t make you happy – although having money makes life easier in so many ways.

Can Bloomberg buy the election, that is, buy the presidency?

I think so.

But then, some candidates can’t win no matter how much money they put on the table because they are simply unelectable in a coast to coast political contest.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t have money like Bloomberg. He doesn’t need to. He has a rabid loyal following. He displays a huge amount of energy and fight. He will tend to mock Bloomberg for being a billionaire and he might be able to the president in his place, although I doubt that seriously.

The money even plays itself out in a city like ours.

In the next election for mayor, the mayor will come out of the box with a pile of dough.

But will he be able to buy the election as he has tended to do in election’s past?

There are times when politicians like the mayor will spend every last dime to get themselves re-elected only to find that no amount of money helps to bring a victory when your time is up and the voters are ready to reject you.

Next week, we will find out the thinking of local voters about who might be chosen to lead both parties in November.

Don’t forget to cast a ballot on Super Tuesday.

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