Voting here already underway; Presidential primary next Tuesday

By Josh Resnek

Dependent upon who you speak with about the presidential race now underway, there are the dual beliefs that President Donald Trump must be beaten to save American Democracy and that Trump’s re- election is the only thing that will save it.

The nation is split.

The politics are divisive.

A lot of the news is fake.

And now its presidential primary time next Tuesday in Massachusetts.

Everett already began voting for the primary on Monday, according to officials in the Election Department.

“I am expecting about 1500 to 2000 votes out of a total that might reach 8500 cast before all is said and done,” predicted City Clerk Sergio Cornelio.

As he spoke Monday morning inside his city hall office, early Everett voters getting a jump on the primary were already casting absentee ballots, filling them out and the votes being filed by officials on the third floor of city hall inside the Keverian Room.

“All those ballots will be counted, logged properly and treated as absentee votes and walked into our office on Election Day,” Linda-Lee Angiolillo, of the city’s Election Department.

Cornelio said he was planning on a total of about 8500 total votes, which includes the absentee votes now being collected.

“It will be that much quicker and easier to have the final tallies when the polls close next Tuesday,” he said.

Election officials told the Leader Herald that there are 9000 democrats registered right now and 9000 unenrolled, independents, who are able to cast a vote next week.

There are about 1000 registered Republicans in Everett.

Cornelio wouldn’t reveal who he is going to vote for.

“I’m voting for Trump,” Ragucci called out.

Everett went for Hillary Clinton in the primary four years ago. About 8000 voters turned out for the primary four years ago.

The Republican ballot is not as lengthy as the Democratic ballot with all its presidential candidates.

What will be interesting to watch, according to those following carefully the Democratic and Republican sides going into full election mode, are who the winners will be on Super Tuesday?

How will Trump do here?

How will Bernie Sanders score in Elizabeth Warren territory? Find out next Tuesday. 

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