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The Mayor’s blue suit

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By Josh Resnek

The mayor’s wardrobe could use a remake – at least that’s the talk among those who notice the mayor tends to wear the same blue suit again and again.

Also, those who closely watch everything about the mayor, often remark that his leather shoes need shining or a bit of repair.

Since the mayor doesn’t show up that much at city hall, the same blue suit can work better than if he showed up wearing it everyday.

Even the mayor must get tired of wearing the same blue suit.

At $189,000 a year, you’d expect the mayor to have three or four blue suits – say a denim blue suit, or the New Blue Suit sold at Men’s Warehouse.

I don’t think the mayor is a Men’s Warehouse shopper.

He seems more a Giblee’s type, you know, expecting and enjoying the pampered rich men’s suit emporium over off the rack suits.

But let’s face it, fitting the mayor into an off the rack suit would prove to be a disaster.

Even with changes he’s recently made with his diet, he remains a large man, with a wider than most girth and so he just can’t try something on and take it away.

Simply putting on a blue suit and wearing it over and over is not the way to wear a blue suit.

The mayor should know this.

More than seasonal apparel, a quality blue suit can carry you the whole year-round, presuming you know just how and when to wear one.

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The upcoming presidential primary, can the presidency be bought?

How will Everett vote on Super Tuesday?

Many local political followers who are Democrats believe Senator Elizabeth Warren will win in our city.

Trump will win the Republican vote and the nomination locally for president.

Bloomberg might capture a larger than usual bunch of Democratic votes.

He’s been spending a pile of money in Massachusetts.

Will there be Russians milling around trying to disrupt the Everett vote?

We don’t think so.

The biggest question for nearly all of us who are following the trials and tribulations of the Democrats and Republicans is not whether the Russians will disrupt the vote, which would be an impossibility despite the press trying to worry us with fears of Russia dominating the election.

Rather, the most significant question is whether or not the election, ie, the presidency of the United States can be bought by the billionaire former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Can a billionaire buy the presidency?

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Reason for mayor’s legal fees remain unanswered

When the mayor requested to speak Monday night about questions relating to excessive legal fees he has paid to a prominent criminal lawyer and former US Attorney in Boston, A. John Pappalardo, the mayor refused to speak.

In his place, he ordered the council to listen to his lawyer. With some hesitation, the council allowed Pappalardo to speak about why the mayor has paid him about $200,000 with funds issued from the mayor’s campaign.

Neither the mayor nor Pappalardo revealed why the mayor is continuing to pay Pappalardo’s firm, Greenberg and Traurig, fees amounting to $7,000-$10,000 a month for the past two years.

Councilor Fred Capone had the guts to ask the critical question of Pappalardo after listening to him describe the mayor as a model citizen who has neither been arrested, indicted or convicted of a crime.

Papparlardo said press coverage of the mayor was salacious and inappropriate and absolutely untrue.

He said the mayor consorting with the FBI to sign a proffer had done a wonderful thing.

He said those who talk to the FBI are telling the truth.

Those who refuse, are lying.

No one in their right mind who understands life in the city believes this around here.

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Depositions Continue in Gattineri v Wynn $40 million handshake deal

By Josh Resnek

Depositions are being taken in the Anthony Gattineri v Wynn Resorts federal case in which Gattinari, one of the original casino land owners, is seeking to be compensated for a handshake deal he apparently concluded with former Encore president Robert DeSalvio.

The depositions, some taken last week and continuing feature a full array of key figures in the casino land deal.

Steve Tocco (ML Strategies), former president of Encore Boston Harbor casino Robert DeSalvio, former Wynn Resorts general counsel Kim Sinatra and Republican Presidential candidate Bill Weld are all expected to give depositions.

Tocco, it has been reported by a source, is giving his deposition earlier this week in a law office somewhere in downtown Boston.

Wynn got a steal on the land in Everett in 2013 when the Massachusetts Gaming Commission handed Wynn a $40 million discount on the Everett parcel as a result of believing that the sellers of the land (FBT Everett Realty) had some ties to organized crime.

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The real mayor of Encore reveals himself and it isn’t Mayor DeMaria

By Josh Resnek

Unforgettable is how I would describe Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s speech on the day that the casino opened. He cried, he was so overcome with the enormity of the moment.

Those watching this spectacle believed then he was the mayor of Encore in every way.

Maybe he was then but he isn’t now.

The Mayor of Encore is a retired Watertown firefighter and former Armstrong Ambulance Service, according to a full report published in the Boston Herald recently.

“Stroll through Encore Boston Harbor’s lobby and Tower Suites and you’ll likely encounter Dan McDermott or, as some people call him, ‘The Mayor’” it was reported in the Herald feature.

There was no mention of the name DeMaria or that he is the mayor.

When I told several people that Carlo was no longer the mayor, some Everett people looked at me and said: “Are you kidding. If Carlo isn’t the mayor, then who is?”

“Dan McDermott is the mayor at least that’s what he’s being called at the Encore casino and hotel,” I replied.

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