City extends 311 operating hours, amends parking policy


By Lorenzo Recupero

Due to new measures in place as an effect of the global pandemic, the City of Everett has chosen to extend its 311 call center hours to further assist residents while also amending the posted street sweeping policy.

Although the physical location on Broadway is set to remain closed indefinitely, City Hall is still accesible for residents via its 311 call center that will put callers in touch with a live employee during normal operating hours (Monday, Thursday 8AM-7:30PM and Tuesday, Wednesday 8AM-5PM), with an extension for Friday-Sunday when the service will be available from 8AM-8PM. Continue reading “City extends 311 operating hours, amends parking policy”

Spring sports seasons in jeopardy

By Lorenzo Recupero

Covid-19’s effect on high school sports all over the country could be compared to a media blackout in national sports terms: No games will be aired (or played in this case) for at least another several weeks.

On Monday, The MIAA Board of Directors held a conference call to determine how to move forward with school years being shortened.

Currently, any games scheduled to be played will have to wait until after May 4 at the earliest, a change from a typical April 1 start date for most spring sports. If/when HS sports returns, it would also include a shortened postseason tournament.

The board concluded the spring season will begin no earlier than May 4 and close by June 27, with June 28 being a make-up date in case of weather or facility needs. The motion was approved unanimously. Continue reading “Spring sports seasons in jeopardy”

Everything has changed

By Josh Resnek

The president’s announcement Sunday afternoon has put a new face on the spreading epidemic. The nation could lose as many as 200,000 people from the coronavirus, the president and his doctors announced.

Those of us who have ben glued to the news about the spread of the virus have been watching as the numbers rise exponentially.

The worst is coming. It is a bit like a tidal wave growing.

Announcing that the nation will be shut down at least until June is a stunning development. This will be a very painful and costly event in our lives.

It guarantees there will be no spring and summer in the traditional sense of it. That unemployment will hit millions, and many businesses now shut will never reopen.

Bottom line, everything has changed overnight. Continue reading “Everything has changed”

What exactly to do about coronavirus? Not everyone is exactly sure

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 4.12.19 PM.png
City Hall will locked up. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

The American economy is at a standstill. Everyday we do not reopen for business, the hole we are digging ourselves into grows geometrically.

It is expected by the end of this week, approximately 20 million – 30 million men and women have lost their jobs and will be applying for unemployment.

Many thousands of men and women in Everett face the same stark reality of no job, no money coming in, no place to put their children so they can work and no work to be had because the marketplace for jobs has shut down.

Each week we are closed down those figures will jump dramatically.

At the same time, those infected are growing in greater numbers all over the state and the nation.

Deaths are rising dramatically. Hospital intakes are exploding. Hospitals across the nation are concerned, and rightly so, that they were not ready for this. Even here in Massachusetts hospitals are complaining about not being able to meet the crush that is upon us and which cannot be immediately stopped.

To its credit, the Everett Board of Health has been leading a heads up strategy of informing Everett residents of nearly everything they need to know about trying to avoid being contaminated.

Continue reading “What exactly to do about coronavirus? Not everyone is exactly sure”