Bernie tops Everett

A socialist candidate for president has won the Democratic Primary in Everett!

Now that is saying something about Bernie Sander’s attraction to working class people – it also says something about the changing belief system in local politics.

Who would believe that Everett voted for a socialist to be president?

We understand the attraction of a candidate who wants to give birth to death health insurance to all Americans.

Raising Social Security so retired Americans relying on it can live out their lives like human beings seems like the right thing to do.

Doing away with college debt would be an incredible boost for so many of us who have sent our kids through college, many of whom are weighted down by college debt. Is there anything wrong with this?

We don’t think so.

The cry from the Joe Biden pack is that all these things can’t be done. They are too expensive.

How are we going to pay for them?

We can pay for everything if we stop waging trillion dollar 20 year wars that bring so much misery to those who served barely and gave their lives or were wounded.

America is rich. It is powerful. It is an economic juggernaut.

That the argument can be made that we can’t afford to do what European countries have been doing for more than a century is an embarrassment to those of us who praise this country as the greatest in the world.

You’re not the greatest nation in the world when 30 million people have no health insurance and can’t afford it, and millions of those who have it can’t afford paying for it either.

Our kids are so in debt from college they can’t get ahead for years, and some for decades. Is this the American way? Is this what makes America great? Of course not – it is another embarrassment.

Everett went for Bernie. We imagine this signals how a lot of people around here are thinking about the presidential candidates as the contest takes shape and form.

Sanders may be a socialist but he seems to be saying the right thing, and he has proven his popularity here in Everett.

Amazing, really, when you think about it.

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