Caution to everyone on the virus

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of exercising extreme caution and vigilance as the outbreak of coronavirus heads our way.

Everett has no immunity to this virus, nor do any of the communities in Massachusetts which is what makes this virus so insidious, and so impossibly dangerous to our well being.

There is not very much t be done by the way of planning for an epidemic.

Epidemics are like major tidal waves or the crash of a meteor into the earth causing our world to go cold.

Epidemics do not spare anyone, are not based on politics of any kind, or gender or age or religion and quite literally can’t be stopped once they have gotten started.

The coronavirus is on its way.

It will soon arrive here.

We can be almost certain of this.

Let us just hope and pray that this epidemic will be a milder one and that we might learn how to defend ourselves against its ravages, and that we will all survive.

How to do this?

Stay informed. Pay attention. Scrutinize risks before you take them when the virus has broken out.

Figure out a way to survive.

We cannot control this virus anymore than we can control a hurricane or a typhoon.

The lasting effects of the virus will likely stretch longer. The virus will be very expensive.

If it is full blown, it will be an economic disaster probably quite worse than the collapse of the US economy in 2008.

The unknown is always mysterious. Even this virus has its mystery.

Many of us fear the unknown, and in the case of the coronavirus, there is every good reason to do so.

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