After sexual assault allegations Young perps transferred

By Josh Resnek

Four fifth graders allegedly involved in a sexual assault on a fifth grader at the Webster School in January are now being investigated but have not been disciplined or taken to court because of their age, according to sources familiar with the incident.

Everett Police are investigating the incident.

The State Police have declined or are reluctant to get involved because of the age of the attackers.

They are 12 and under.

Determinations are being made to assess the dangerousness of the young men who allegedly carried out the attack.

In a shocking development, the Leader Herald has learned that the brother of the fifth grader who was assaulted apparently participated in the attack.

“The attackers should have been removed immediately from the public schools and put in private placement for re-evaluation,” said a School Department source familiar with the incident.

“There has been no attempt to guarantee the safety of the kids. It is rather amazing that those alleged to have committed a sexual assault would be allowed to remain in classrooms mixing with other kids as though nothing has happened,” added the source.

The attack, which took place during an after school program at the Webster School was apparently recorded on video surveillance cameras.

The video has been viewed by a number of police and School Department officials.

School Superintendent Prya Tahiliani did not respond to the Leader Herald about the incident.

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