City preparing for coronavirus Likelihood; planning in place


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People board a MBTA Bus at the corner of Ferry St. and Broadway. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

It is certain to show up

By Josh Resnek

The city’s health officials and the entire apparatus of the city government are fully aware of the possibility that Everett will be visited by the coronavirus.

Efforts have been made to determine what exact steps must be taken to protect residents when a case is reported and residents are forced to be quarantined.

Public schools in Massachusetts – in Plymouth, in neighboring Malden (a charter school) and in several municipalities across the state – have shut their doors upon the first indication that coronavirus has infected their spaces.

Such a scenario happening here in the public schools or among teachers is expected to have the same result – the immediate closure of the public schools.

That would precipitate other closures in the city.

If city hall becomes infected, city hall will be closed, and likely for several weeks.

In neighboring Chelsea, officials there are planning to close city hall upon the first evidence of coronavirus infecting public employees. City employees there have been told to expect at least a two week closure upon evidence of coronavirus.

At the Encore Casino and Hotel, business is down.

What happens at Encore if the virus shows up there?

Most likely a closedown.

Tourism has tanked coming into Logan Airport and into New England in general.

The entire business community is at risk.

In many ways, the coronavirus is a more serious risk to the world economy than the economic collapse of 2008.

Fear and ignorance rule the day everywhere.

Restaurants are largely emptied.

Every place where throngs of people shop can and will be effected.

Costco, Market Basket, Stop and Shop – what happens when employees in those stores become infected?

Harvard University Tuesday morning shut down its Cambridge campus telling students not to return to class from spring break.

What does that do to commerce and business in Cambridge and in neighboring Boston, where Boston University is considering doing the same?

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