John “Jack” McGrath

The recent death of John “Jack” McGrath, the Prince of Pierce Avenue, brings to an end the charmed life and existence of the ultimate Everett sports booster, and local personality for whom Everett was a great and wonderful place.

Jack, as nearly everyone called him, was the quintessential Everett gentleman, an absolute gem of a man, who came of age in this city at a time when it was a far different place than it is today.

He was warm. He was gracious. He was smart. He had been a great athlete himself at Boston College.

He was, inarguably, the most popular and beloved Woburn court official living or dead. He spent his work life there as a probation officer.

He was a legend in Everett.

As the announcer for Everett High School Football program he gained widespread notoriety throughout the city and in the wider athletic community in Massachusetts.

For many many years he broadcast all kinds of athletic events in this city both large and small.

As the voice of the Crimson Tide, he was all about enabling Everett kids while at the same time serving the community he loved.

Jack McGrath died February 25.

He was 87 years old.

Right up to the end he remained active with Everett sports.

He was an older guy but he remained a contemporary man, someone fully involved in Everett sports and loving every moment of his involvement.

His broadcasting efforts for Everett Cable were famous.

Those who knew him well agree his greatest honor was having the press box named after him at Everett Memorial Stadium.

Bottom line, Jack McGrath was more than just another Everett legend.

He had the right stuff. He never needed to be anywhere but in this city where he spent 75 years of his life surrounded by friends and acquaintances, and the glorious past, of which he and his family were so much a part.

His loss is an impossible moment for the city.

He was a classy guy, a man through and through.

He was handsome and fit with sharp features and sparkling Irish eyes. He was the Prince of Pierce Avenue – and Pierce Avenue will never be the same without his powerful spirit and positive energy gracing this small city.

In the words of Shakespeare: “We shall not see his likes again.”

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