Lincoln Aviator Hybrid takes off in style

2020 Lincoln Aviator Hybrid

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By Jim Mahoney

“Say, isn’t that the truck Matthew what’s his name drives?”

“Well yes, it is the mid-sized Lincoln Aviator SUV that actor Matthew McConaughey drives in the commercials,” I answered.

And you can take flight in one too.

Powered by a 3.0 Liter V6 Touring Hybrid engine, the seven- passenger 2020 Aviator Black Label is loaded with leather clad luxury and, combined with the 75-watt electric motor, provides good fuel economy rated at an average 23 plus miles per gallon. With six drive modes and a combined 494 HP the SUV can tackle most driving conditions and offers some stylish off-roading capabilities.

This elegant SUV glides down the highway riding on 21-inch multi- spoked wheels, all-wheel drive, and air suspension. The steering has a nice light touch, and the SUV handles nimbly despite its large foot print.

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The Aviator has an eye-catching profile and has understated curb appeal. It sports a deep nose with the classic Lincoln star-mesh grill framed by cat-like LED headlamps and fog lights. Well-placed creases along on the hood and doors create the illusion of long, flattering aerodynamic lines. Chrome on the sideview mirrors and door frames accents the swept look of the truck.

The powered rear hatch opens to a short deck with the third row deployed. Snap down these seats, and the storage space grows amply. But if you need to move many people in creature comfort, you’ll also be able to fit quite a bit of gear behind them.

Creature comforts set this Black Label edition apart from other seven- passenger vehicles. Lincoln has long been the benchmark in fine driving for Ford. The tradition of riding elegance continues, bedazzled by an off-white leather steering wheel, seats and door panels, polished striped wood grained inlays, color matched soft touch surfaces, a panoramic roof, and a 28-speaker Revel Ultima sound system.

For the driver, the 30-way adjustable heated and cooled seat offers comfort, support, and a touch of sportiness showcasing the Lincoln Star pattern in the perforations. Finger-tip infotainment controls are subtly tucked into the steering wheel, while the push button transmission is slotted between a large touch screen and the traditional radio knobs all mounted on the center stack. Large cubbies and cupholders, along with front and back seat USB connections, 4g modem Wi-Fi, climate and audio controls offer passengers individual convenience.

There’s no shortage of standard safety features on this top of the line hybrid. Parking assist, lane drift, 360-degree camera, blind spot detection, pedestrian cross warning and evasive steering system all make piloting the Aviator nearly effortless.

Starting at a base MSRP of $51,000, the posh Aviator Black Label edition can cost up to $88,895 and compares well against other seven- passenger cars like the Cadillac XT6.

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