Superintendent’s new hire irks some; Gauthier resigns

Kim Tsia at $185,000 raises eyebrows

By Josh Resnek

The new second in command of the School Department is not certified to be a superintendent or acting superintendent and is embroiled in a law suit against her former employer, the City of Boston School Department.

Attorney Kim Tsia has been hired by Superintendent Priya Tahiliani to be her eyes and ears, or so it would appear, as she launches her new administration of the Everett Public Schools.

Tsia has been hired at $185,000 a year according to School Department records.

“She (Tahiliani) has full autonomy to make such a hire but to hire a friend that is not certified to act as a de facto superintendent, well, that’s going a stretch,” said a School Department source familiar with the new superintendent’s ambitions.

“There is the other important matter that Tahiliani and Tsia are suing the School Department of the City of Boston together,” added the source.

Tahiliani came over to Everett from the Boston Schools.

At least four School Department employees, Assistant Superintendents Charlie Obremski, Kevin Shaw, former acting superintendent Janice Gauthier, and Dr. Omar Easy – all of whom have long and successful careers with the School Department – were not granted an interview. during the superintendent selection process which was managed by SD chair Thomas Abruzzese.

Gauthier, who resigned suddenly last week, apparently did so in disgust, according to those who know her well.

She was visibly upset and said so at a meeting of the School Committee some months back when the selection search got underway. She said she thought and believed she should have been accorded an interview as a matter of professional courtesy.

“I’ve devoted 40 years of my life to the SD. I am the acting superintendent and I can’t get an interview. That’s all wrong,” she said publicly at the time.

Dr. Easy was singled out by Abruzzese and School Committee members, primary among them Frank Parker, on January 2, 2019.

“Dr. Easy is not being considered and will not be considered,” the SD let it be known publicly through Abruzzese and Parker.

Dr. Easy and Gauthier refused to comment to the Leader Herald.

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