McLaughlin suspends campaign; Asks McGonagle to do the same

Hoping to resume campaign in May

By Josh Resnek

Councilor Mike McLaughlin has suspended his campaign for state representative and he is asking Rep. Joe McGonagle to the same – at least until May, until the coronavirus situation has hopefully leveled off and things can return to normal.

“I have decided immediately to suspend my campaign for State Representative for the 28th Middlesex District. I call on State Representative Joe McGonagle to join me until Monday, May 4th, 2020 in doing the same. If a turn of events occurs in which Coronavirus declines we can immediately revisit this timeline,” McLaughlin told the Leader Herald.

“I would respectfully ask Representative McGonagle to notify the residents of Everett of his decision to join me through the news media. On the week of Monday May 4th or sooner if reasonably safe to do so both campaigns can revisit the situation and move forward accordingly leading into Primary Day on Tuesday, September 1st 2020,” McLaughlin added.

McGonagle has not yet gotten back to McLaughlin.

Suspending a major political race is almost unprecedented in political history here.

This is against a backdrop that the US presidential election could be affected by the virus – and that all bets are right now off on whether or not the presidential candidates will continuing campaigning.

With large gatherings called off all over the nation, it seems unlikely that campaigning as we know it can be allowed to continue.

It would simply be too dangerous – not just for campaign workers, but for interested voters and everyone involved with political campaigns.

McLaughlin told the Leader Herald he will do what he can to alleviate misery and difficulties for his constituents throughout the city during this crisis.

In doing so, he is reflecting the exhortations of our national government to take care of one another, to look after the elderly, and to hunker down until the danger has passed.

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