Library closures highlight city disorganization in face of virus

A good read can help those stuck inside

By Josh Resnek

Everett’s public libraries are closed.

At times like these libraries are more important to the well being of residents and their children than during the best of times.

Libraries serve as disseminators of accurate information about whatever is affecting the city or town where they are located.

The Everett Public Library has access to up to date hard medical data and up t date peer reviews of medical journals which residents could access from their homes.

Educational resources are also abundant and can be accessed from home as well.

With all the public schools now closed, the importance of the public libraries represents a vital connection for parents to offer their children educational opportunities.

However the Everett Public libraries are locked shut.

Many libraries are at the forefront of disseminating and siting access to accurate medical data and information and educational resources for families.

For instance, the EPL has access to the program know as Laern a Test.

This allows families to access age and grade appropriate learning modalities for reading, comprehension and mathematics.

Without professional leadership at the EPS, and with its closure, the possibilities of reading E-books or audio books and magazines that could be accessed by people from their homes has been made impossible.

The EPS has not made any public announcements to make people aware of these services.

The library is now led by one of the mayor’s two city solicitors, Matt Lattanzi.

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