Mayor shows no work ethic; Aruba vacation a black eye

The mayor heading out for a vacation to Aruba about ten days ago as our world was getting set to collapse is a telling moment about the mayor not lost on the residents and the voters of this city.

By leaving Everett instead of serving Everett during a moment of great stress when his leadership was needed, he showed most of us what he thinks of us. He showed as well what he thinks about his job and the oath he took to honor the position.

It was as though the mayor saw the disaster coming and he made his decision to head to Aruba, rather than to stick around and to act the way the leader of a city should act during a time like this.

Deserting the city during a dramatic moment, when so much appeared to be hanging in the balance about the future, the mayor revealed who he is, how he thinks, and what, in the last analysis, is most important to him.

What is that?

Most important to the mayor is himself.

He didn’t care what happened here.

If he did, he would have remained.

He fled to Aruba to have a good time.

That’s more important to him than dealing with a crisis here.

It is always an ugly thing when an elected mayor shows us who he really is.

Vacationing instead of staying and getting down to business;

vacationing instead of putting the needs of the city before his own; vacationing when the vacation could have waited – this is the mayor of Everett.

The worst thing about him vacationing is that he just doesn’t care.

Doesn’t mean a thing to him that he fled the city rather than to stay and guide it as he likes to pretend he does.

Nothing matters to him but himself and his own greed stricken efforts to generate riches for himself through his position.

He wasn’t here when the casino closed down.

He wasn’t here when the schools shut their doors.

He was already on the beach in Aruba when city hall was ordered to close.

That’s Carlo DeMaria, the mayor of Everett, at his very selfish and short sighted best.

He can try to tell us all it doesn’t matter that he went on vacation when the going here got tough.

But it does.

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